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The primary objective of PICPA Dubai is to adhere to the highest ideals of professionalism and commitment to service and upholds such values as: integrity, professional excellence, innovation, discipline, teamwork, social responsibility and commitment.

Mr. Lyndon Magsino,

Chairman's Message

Mabuhay! Welcome to the PICPA Dubai

In behalf of the PICPA Dubai Board of Directors and Leadership Team, I am delighted and honored to welcome you in this prestigious institute as we are not only celebrating the successes of our organization but most importantly, we are solidifying our profession and strengthening the existence of Filipino professionals in the UAE for the benefit of our communities and respective companies.

Now, as we embark to another chapter of our journey as an elite professional, I am delighted and honored to welcome you to PICPA Dubai. We are not only counting the successes of our organization every single date, but most importantly, we are enriching our profession and strengthening the existence of Filipino excellence in the UAE for the greater benefits of our respective companies and communities! This year, we will continue to provide quality services to our members and associates… more importantly, we will continue to inspire our communities to have a better outlook despite of what’s happening around us and give HOPE to those who are in need.

You are the true heroes and pride of our Homeland, our beloved country, the Philippines!

We, the Global Filipino CPAs, Auditors and Finance Professionals in this foreign land as our new home, are now joined in the coming fiscal year to continue to build our institute and to sustain the confidence of our fellows. We all know that this year will be very challenging but despite of the current pandemic, we will thrive… and together, we will determine the course of PICPA Dubai for a better tomorrow and years to come! I know it will not be a smooth sailing journey, for sure, there will be challenges. Without sacrifice, there can be no victory! We will confront challenges along our way. It will be another awesome year for PICPA Dubai.

From what I learned about great leadership, “A ship is safer at the shore, but that’s not why ship is built for”!

We must speak our minds openly, discuss our disagreements calmly, and always pursue solidarity among our leaders and members. Do not let anyone tell you the “impossible” because there is no challenge that can match the spirit of PICPA Dubai Leaders! PICPA Dubai will thrive and continue to prosper!

With our PICPA Dubai Leadership Team, I am confident that we can achieve greater heights in the current year and the years to come. The Leadership Team have the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of organization. The PICPA Dubai Leadership Team is just not elected to be the officers, but chosen to be the leaders through the quality of our actions and the integrity of our purpose.

God Bless PICPA Dubai!

Lyndon Magsino EMBA, CPA, CIA, CFSA, CRMA, IFQ

Founder & Chairman

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Awareness on relevant news and updates involving the profession to strengthen professional competency and develop leadership potentials.

Community Service

Be involved in our social responsibility towards our fellow Filipinos in the UAE and in the Philippines.

PRC Renewal

Earn CPD units through seminars for the renewal of PRC License in the Philippines, with the assistance of PICPA through our partners


Assistance to aspiring CPA's for the Special Professional Li censure Board Examination through our dedicated partners.

Professional Network

Meet and collaborate with different members in various industries and in public practice to get update on latest trends and practices.

PICPA Exclusive

Enjoy members-only access on tools and resources such as job postings, issues relating to the profession, newsletters and message board.

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